Zsa Zsa and Zeph have the perfect life. I want it. They eat. They sleep. They play. No concerns. No responsibilities. They sleep for around 12 hours a day. The rest of the time it’s full on fun. Both of them seem to adore the sun. Any chance they get to sit or sleep in the sun, they’re into it.

When they’re not resting or sleeping, they’re dragging me all over the property. They love to go on looooooooooooooong walks. Stop and sniff. Play a bit. Run, run, run.

I caught up with a Christchurch business colleague the other day who hasn’t seen me since January. She asked: “are you working out?”. WTF? I haven’t worked out a day in my life! I put it down to the increased physical activity I’m getting living on a farm. Have you read the latest alarming news about sitting on your butt at a desk job? A new study shows that years in the office could double your risk of bowel cancer. Interestingly, I wonder if this could lead to a future when employers will have an obligation to provide employees with exercise opportunities in the workplace.

Anyway. Back to the sun dogs. In the living room, we have a large couch and two large chairs. Neither of them seem to understand that these items of furniture are for people, not canines. So we’ve had to drape everything with covers to protect the furniture. Whenever the sun hits the couch or the floor, there’s a dog.

Zeph catching up on some sleep.

Zsa Zsa - she adopts odd positions when sleeping!

Dogs who stare into space. I tried to give the background some texture - turned out a bit weird.

Zsa Zsa seems to follow whatever Zeph does.

Zeph manages to find sun anywhere. His fluffy chicken is in the foreground. It's never far away.

Sharing the sun together. Zsa Zsa loves to lie on top of Zeph.