The other night, we had our Kiwi friend, Stephanie, over for dinner (I’ll post recipes for the main meal and dessert soon). Stephanie is the one with five Pointers – yep, you read correctly. FIVE. Not TWO. Not THREE. But FIVE Pointers.

When we were considering our second Pointer, we were sidetracked by a lovely lemon and white puppy in the same litter as Zsa Zsa. Hubby was very taken with this cutie. Me too. Even a week before taking Zsa Zsa home we were contemplating whether we should get this puppy, Zsa Zsa or BOTH. Sense prevailed and we selected one puppy and that pup was ZZ (as we call her – or Princess Zsa Zsa because she’s such a diva).

But….the other day, we took Zeph and ZZ to the breeders for puppy day care and there was a new litter of eight pups. The mum is Vera, who is Zeph’s mum. And when Stephanie came over the other night, she brought in Binky, who is auntie to both Zeph and ZZ. The talk naturally revolved around the funny things dogs do, feeding dogs, playing with dogs and so on.

She told us that the lemon coloured pup had gone to a good home. Stephanie knows our breeder well and is often there to run the kennels when our breeder is away. She said that the pup was a lovely “wee girl”. Hubby and I looked at each other and silently wondered: should we have brought her home with ZZ? And then we talked about getting a THIRD Pointer.

But Vera’s new litter has no lemon-coloured pups and that’s the Pointer we’d want. So sanity rules for the moment and we’ll stick with our two children.

The lemon-coloured Pointer we nearly decided on.

Eight pups in Vera's new litter. All B&W or liver-coloured.