I first came across Drexels Breakfast Restaurant when we were staying at The Rydges, looking for a place to live and getting to know Christchurch. I didn’t actually eat there but made a note to self to try it out one day. Then boom, crash – the two major earthquakes hit the Garden City. I’m not sure if the restaurant in the CBD is open but, the other week, I was in Riccarton and noticed Drexels, outside the Westfield shopping centre. I decided that on my next trip in, I would check it out.

First impressions are that it’s somewhat American in style, with booths and seats at the counter. The menu is full of burgers, waffles, pancakes, lox and bagels and burritos. My kind of place! Although I appreciate the fine dining experience, I’d much rather have good old-fashioned food than some miniscule pigeon in red wine sauce.

I was there at 11.30am on a Friday and the place was packed. You have to wait to be seated but that wait was all of 30 seconds. The wait staff (is this politically correct enough?) were super-friendly and I was seated at a table towards the front. I settled down to check out the menu. There’s a great selection, along with all-day breakfasts. Check out their menu here.

I really wanted a burger but I can never seem to turn down Eggs Benedict with ham. I was particularly intrigued to try this because the menu said: “Topped with our famous hollandaise sauce and served with a crispy hashbrown“. Famous sauce? Okay bring it on. I decided to order the full portion (two eggs) and a chai latte.

On each table is a small pot of whipped cream with some jam. No matter what you order, out comes some toast to begin your meal with. The jam was berry or raspberry, which I’m never keen on because of the seeds. I didn’t have to wait long though before my meal arrived. Service was efficient and the chai latte was steaming hot (always a test for me as to whether a cafe is good).

Drexels doesn’t skimp on portion size I’ll say that. The eggs were huge and, according to a brochure on the table, the eggs used in the restaurant are usually less than 12 hours old because they source them from a particular poultry farm and get eggs from the youngest of hens. The eggs were fantastic, although the Hollandaise was a little tart for me at first. The hash brown was as described – crispy – and it was large.

The wait staff were always buzzing around, filling up customer’s coffee cups or asking whether everything was to your satisfaction. I decided to have a second chai latte and didn’t have to wait long to order and be served. The restaurant itself is nothing flash – lots of booths or you can sit at the counter and watch what’s going on in the kitchen. But it has a no fuss, homely feel to it with a slightly 1960’s decor. So it’s a place where you can feel comfortable and bring the whole family.

Because my great mate will be here in early July, and we consider ourselves pretty much experts on burgers and chips, I plan to take her to Drexels. I really want to try the waffles, the French toast, the pancakes, the breakfast burrito, the chicken enchilada, the bagels – well, basically work my way through the entire menu!

So if you’re visiting Christchurch, I would recommend Drexels for efficient, friendly service and pretty tasty food. I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.

You get two menus. This one had so many selections, I didn't quite know what to order at first.

Each table has a small pot of whipped cream, a pot of jam and a jug of milk.

A slightly 1960s look to the decor, which I like being a sucker for anything 60s or 70s.

OMG! check out the size of this breakfast. Two English muffins topped with two eggs and hollandaise sauce. A huge hash brown. Toast in a basket. And your choice of sauce. Cost is NZ$16.90 for the full portion.

The blurb about how Drexels sources eggs and goes through 250 dozen eggs per week.

You can sit at the counter and watch the busy kitchen.