Listen up New Zealanders. This beautiful country has just been recognised as the second most peaceful nation on Earth. Only to be beaten by those darn Icelandic dudes (guess with all that cold, ice and darkness, there’s not much opportunity for civil unrest because you’re too busy trying to get warm). But guess what? Australia didn’t even make it into the Top 10 list of peaceful nations. What’s going on back in Oz?

Whilst it might be peaceful here; it’s a dangerous country indeed. Dangerous that is if you don’t wear sun protection. The sun here is mighty STRONG. Much stronger than I was used to in Oz. Skin cancer rates here, especially melanomas, are HIGH. And down here in the Deep South (well, not as deep as Dunedin or Invercargill) the majority of the population (like me) are pasty white pale faces with blue eyes, from an Anglo-Saxon heritage. Danger Will Robinson! This equals an increase in the risk of skin cancer.

Since arriving in NZ, I’ve been paranoid about the sun. Every time I’m out and about on the property, I’m very aware of it drilling into me like a laser beam. I usually always wore sun protection cream back in Oz, although I wasn’t as fastidious as I am now about it. I’ve literally been through bottles of sun protection in my attempts to fend off the rays of that hot round globe in the sky.

I’ve been using Neutrogena‘s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 85+ and I really like this sunscreen. In Oz, I used an SPF 30+. But I’m worried about the chemicals in sunscreens and the nano-particles. So I decided to look for an organic sunscreen and one that is NZ-made (remember my New Year’s Resolution to only buy NZ products).

After much searching, I found that Oasis Beauty have an SPF30+Broad Spectrum sunscreen without all the nasty stuff, including no nano-particles. I’ve used Oasis Beauty before – just the Green Tea Eye Cream (whilst this was a beautifully-textured cream, I wouldn’t buy it again because it wasn’t rich enough for ancient old goats like me). Oasis Sun is a good product, especially for sensitive skin like mine. It’s not greasy and you don’t end up looking like some African witch doctor with a ghostly white face.

The international mountain guide, Marty Schmidt, road-tested it whilst scampering up Mt Everest and has endorsed it. I wouldn’t class this as a frugal product though. It’s NZ$39.90 for a 250ml bottle but….you don’t need a lot of it, so I’m hoping it will last a fair while. It’s less SPF than the Neutrogena one I was using but guess I just have to make sure I keep applying it. At least it’s an all-natural product and doesn’t have a toxic smell.