Picture this – as Sophia Petrillo used to say in The Golden Girls. Here I am on a Tuesday morning, around 8.00am. It is a glorious North Canterbury winter’s day – overnight frost; very cold in the morning; but a clear blue sunny sky during the day. And I get caught out.

To be at work by 9.00am when living in Sydney, I used to get up at 5.00am. This was not because it took me 4 hours to do my makeup. It was because we lived just short of Newcastle and I had to catch the Newcastle Flyer (so-called express train to Sydney) every day. This train ride took around 2 hours each way, on a good day.

So now that I am enjoying a career break (which basically means I have no f***ing idea what I want to do with the rest of my time here on Earth), I REFUSE to get up early. Now, I surface around 7.30am, sometimes 7.00am. My first task is being on dog duty. Get the pups up and get their breakfast. This is followed by pup playtime.

Usually, I’m at least dressed by 8.00am but of all the days not to be…..last Tuesday I was caught out. So picture this – here I was outside in our garden, in my pyjamas, hair a mess, no makeup on. I hear this whooshing noise. I look at the pups who are both running around like chooks without heads. Nothing. Then another whooshing noise.

It took several seconds for me to realise (ie I’m slow in the morning) that the whooshing noise was coming from above me. I look up and there is this brightly coloured hot air balloon slowly making its way over our property.

Yeegads dear reader!! I later found out there are sometimes 12 people in these balloons. I could hear them talking and I could even see someone leaning over the basket thingo that these people perch in. No doubt they were saying: “Oh look down there. Someone who’s not even dressed at 8.00am in the morning. How shocking!”. Well, dear reader: at least I had on my best PJs festooned with cartoon cats.

I did see a camera lens poking over the rim of the basket. If I find my horrid photo on Facebook or some social network, there will be hell to pay. Not to be outdone though – I had my trusty iPhone with me, so took some snaps to show you.

Note to self: when out in garden with dogs in early morning, make sure you are at least dressed.

Is it a bird? A plane? A UFO? NOOOOOOOOO...it's a bloody hot air balloon full of people who can see me in my pyjamas!

I hastily shifted to the front of the house, hoping the roof would obscure me. But no. The hot air balloon suddenly appeared - coming over our roof line. Yeegads!