Zeph and Zsa Zsa’s breeder has had a number of champion Pointers, including a Grand Champion. In the dog showing world, this is a huge thing. Zeph’s grandfather was an NZ champion and his sister, Cha, is fast on her way to becoming one. She’s picking up show ribbons left, right and centre.

Now, I’ve never been one for running around in a circle like some middle-aged idiot, with your dog being towed along. Seems a bit silly to me but…I thought that I would try it out and see if Zeph and Zsa Zsa like it and whether it is good socialisation for them. Obviously, some mid-life crisis on my part. I have a show lead and have been practicing with them, especially when it comes to stacking. Stacking is basically when the judge wants to check out the physical form of the dog and you need to pose your dog so the bodylines are shown off to best advantage. With English Pointers, this is all about adopting the Pointer position.

But true to say, the three of us are pretty clueless at this dog show thing. So Plan A was to get our friend, Stephanie (she of the 5 Pointers) to be the handler at a recent practice show. Our breeder suggested that we enter Zeph and ZZ to see how they go.

Well, being a proud mother, I can tell you that the judge was very taken with Zeph and awarded him Judge’s Choice Best Puppy. Zsa Zsa was Best Baby Puppy.

Plan A deteriorated a bit because at one point, both dogs had to be in the show ring together. So Stephanie threw a show lead at me and said “You take Zsa Zsa”. Now dear reader – here I was surrounded by very serious dog showing people. People who have had YEARS of practice and their dogs are like well-oiled machines when it comes to running around in a circle.

Then there’s me. Not the most coordinated of people. With the Judge staring me down and asking me to run in a circle with ZZ. So I ran. Too fast apparently because the Judge hauled me aside to tut tut me for practically hauling ZZ off her feet as we ran. By the next round, I managed to slow things down and was given an encouraging smile from the Judge. Actually, the Judge was fantastic and took the time to show me how to stand Zeph and ZZ.

Not to be outdone by my own dogs, I was awarded Best Novice Handler – which basically means everyone at the show ring could see I had no bloody clue what I was doing but the Judge took pity on me!

This Saturday is a big show and I’ll see how both dogs go. If they like it and are having fun, we might do more. If not, it’s hasta la vista to the show ring, which would be kind of sad as the breeder thinks Zeph has it in him to be a champion.

Zeph looks towards the show ring, ready to get in there.

Stephanie takes Zsa Zsa around the ring for a practice.

Zsa Zsa takes a break and wants to lick my face.

Zeph is still waiting for his turn.

Stephanie gets ZZ into the Pointer position for the Judge.

The Judge takes a look at Zsa Zsa.

The Judge with Zsa Zsa.

Got a photo of my foot as I step out into the show ring - Gulp!

Zeph having his turn in the ring.

Zeph with the Judge, no doubt wondering what the heck he's doing back there.

My award for Best Novice Handler.

Two of Zeph and Zsa Zsa's awards.

Stephanie talking to Zeph before he goes back into the ring.

Little puppy, Zsa Zsa, zonks out.

Dogs being stacked for the Judge.

Zeph is awarded the Judge's Choice Best Puppy award.