When I was working in soulless organisations, I had to rush out the front door around 6.00am or earlier to catch the train to Sydney (from just short of Newcastle). So I never really had time to just sit and watch a sunrise.

Now, I have all the time in the world and one of my favourite things to do is stand at one of the bedroom windows and watch as the sun colours the sky on its climb up the horizon. Really, there are the most gorgeous colours: fiery oranges; apricots; tinges of mauve; canary yellow. I continue to be amazed at the beauty that surrounds us. If we could just stop for a moment and see it and appreciate it.

So if you’re stuck in soulless organisations or need a bit of cheering up, here are some photos of a magnificent New Zealand sunrise. I have not processed the photos – what you see is straight out of the camera. Honestly, sometimes I think I’m looking at an Impressionist painting.