Mabel needed a companion. So now we have Rupert. He’s a rather stunning billy goat (which is what I think male goats with all their bits still intact are called. And I think that Mabel is called a doe – any goat fanciers reading this blog can correct me).

Anyway. Rupert didn’t have a name when he arrived. But when I first saw him, he just looked like a Rupert to me. Rather distinguished. We did a deal with a local farmer and Rupert was sent to us complete with his goat house – a triangular, corrugated iron thing that he hides in when it rains or is very cold. Mabel has a similar abode.

I don’t think Mabel was too keen on Rupert when they first clamped eyes on each other. A day later and they still aren’t really getting to know one another. I think Mabel is playing hard to get because Rupert has lovely caramel eyes and golden markings – so she should be tempted. But no doubt when Mabel is in season, mayhem and chaos will rule. The result will be kids (as in baby goats not ankle biting humans).

Not being a goat expert, I’m not sure what type of goat Rupert is. I’ve always wanted goats so I can make goat soap and goat body lotion. But if Mabel and Rupert aren’t dairy goats, I might not get my wish. Guess I have to brush up on my goat knowledge.

Zsa Zsa thinks Rupert is a new playing companion.

Rupert is very gentle and has a lovely nature.

Lovely golden markings and caramel eyes.

Mabel on the left - keeping her distance from Rupert for now.