So we’ve hit Winter. And so far, there’s been a fair bit of rain. Last year, was my first Winter in New Zealand. In the South Island to be precise. And it was a tad depressing. Rain. Rain. Rain. I’ve said many times I don’t mind the cold. I like the snow (hey, I’m from Oz so snow is still a novelty). But rain? Well, a bit of it is fine but when it goes on for days, I get fed up with it. Rain, rain GO AWAY.

The paddocks turn into mud baths. The horses look miserable. The goats escape into their corrugated iron houses. Zeph and Zsa Zsa get restless because they want to be running in the paddocks. The sheep and cows stand fornlornly under dripping trees.

There have been some sunny days and the paddocks start to dry out. But just as you think okay, the heavy rain might be over. Wham. It comes back. The word is that this Winter isn’t supposed to be as wet as 2010. Ah, think the Heavens didn’t get that message.

Anyway. The best part of Winter for me are the colours. The trees and plants around Oxford, Cust, Rangiora and in Christchurch boast gorgeous russet reds, fiery oranges and lemony yellows. So for someone who likes to do a lot of photography like me – it’s bonus time. And my usual obsession has returned: LEAVES. I continue to be fascinated by the colours and patterns Nature produces. When I take the time to explore the garden and look at leaves, I momentarily forget the rain.