I’m a sucker for chocolate, particularly white chocolate (yep, I know it’s not really chocolate). It reminds me of when I was a kid. I used to scoff a can of condensed milk sometimes as an after-school snack. White chocolate has that same smooth, sweet taste for me. And I remember the Milky Bar kid ads (in New Zealand, they now have a cute-as-a-button girl as the Milky Bar kid – girl power!). My American readers: you don’t know what you’re missing if you’ve never tasted a Milky Bar or grown up with the Milky Bar kid.

Anyway. I’ve told you about the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge before and the “sea pocket” incident. I was in Christchurch last week and was struck by the urge to have some white chocolate. Amazing how these urges strike one! So I decided to give Theobroma’s another go and see if (a) they could understand my Aussie accent; and (b) offer some good white chocolate, given they’re a choc lounge.

They didn’t disappoint this time round. I restrained myself and ordered two pieces of chocolate: a white chocolate teddy bear and white chocolate mouse. I scoffed them down with a cappuccino, dusted with Belgian chocolate. Needless to say, after this sugar fix, I was pretty well high for the rest of the afternoon (not in a drug-related way you understand!). They have a good array of chocolates so I really should get beyond my white chocolate fixation and try some.

Futuristic looking coffee cup: cappuccino dusted with Belgian chocolate.

White chocolate teddy bear and mouse. Yummo!