I’ve always haunted opportunity shops, as they used to be called. I’m not sure what the opportunity was – whether it was your opportunity to offload stuff you no longer wanted or whether there was the opportunity to pick up a bargain or two. Or both. Anyway. Op shops then seemed to be called second-hand or used clothes shops but now….they’re vintage. Seems anything that has been pre-loved warrants being called vintage. And vintage sounds oh so chic compared to opportunity or used.

Now that I’m living the frugal life, it means I scour vintage shops regularly if I need new stuff. I’ve always found wonderful pre-loved items in vintage shops. Many of my handbags and coats have been pre-loved.

I was in Rangiora the other day. There are two good vintage shops there and in one, I found two fantastic vest thingos. Not quite sure what you call them other than vests. I find these great for work around the farm and for layering – because the climate here in the South Island can be quite changeable – you can whip off the vest if it gets too toasty.

So I picked up a Slazenger charcoal grey vest with sheepskin lining for NZ$25.00 and a bright red Stuff Designz vest for $20.00 (bonus with this one: it’s made in New Zealand). The red vest has lots of pockets on the outside and inside, making it great for carrying keys and money. I found it on the Stuff Designz website and apparently it’s called the Vestbag and retails for NZ$149.00. I reckon I got a great bargain on this red vest. Both vests are in excellent condition.

I also like to accessorize with scarves and pashminas and, because there are so many sales on right now, I picked up a pretty white pashmina with black hearts for NZ$15.00 and a gorgeous long scarf with horses and horseshoes on it for NZ$10.00. Both of these are new.

If you are patient and hunt around, you can find a lot of frugal bargains.

Look - Made in New Zealand - Stuff Designz red vestbag.

Stuff Designz red vestbag.

Pashmina with black hearts.

This will be one of my favourite scarves - horses and horseshoes.

Slazenger charcoal grey vest.