I continue to stick to my New Year’s Resolution to buy NZ-made products whenever possible. I think it’s important to support my new country in any way I can, particularly when so much manufacturing is going offshore these days.

I hauled a lot of makeup and skincare with me from Oz but, over a year later, stuff is running out in dribs and drabs. So as each item carks it, I replace it with an NZ-made product if possible. When the cleanser I brought over with me from Oz ran out, I replaced that with The Honey Collection cleanser, which I really like and will definitely buy again. But this ran out recently and so I thought I’d try another NZ skincare collection.

What I’ve been quite surprised by is the very good quality and variety of NZ-made skincare. Just to name a few skincare lines, there’s Trilogy, Madeleine Ritchie, Evolu, Hema, Living Nature, Antipodes and Comvita. All of these skincare lines use organic NZ ingredients like Manuka honey and Manuka oil, Harakeke (native plant), olive leaf extract, kiwifruit and so on.

I decided to try Comvita’s Gentle Soothing Cleanser mainly because the woman at the health food store raved about it and because the hero-ingredient is Manuka honey. I’m a sucker for anything based on honey. I’m not so sure about the name Comvita. Not such a great name IMHO. I suppose the Vita part stands for vitamins. The history of the company makes for interesting reading though.

Anyway. This is not a frugal product. The Honey Collection cleanser is around NZ$22.00, whereas Comvita’s Gentle Soothing Cleanser (150ml) set me back $45.00. But you don’t need to use a lot. The website describes this product as a creamy, hydrating cleanser to gently smooth and purify, as well as getting rid of dead skin cells and other impurities. Ingredients sound very exotic: Brazilian bark extract, Macadamia oil and Kowhai extract (New Zealand native plant). The cleanser is paraben free, which is important because parabens are nasty chemicals. Read this if you want to freak yourself out about parabens.

I’ve only been using this cleanser for a week. So far, I really like it. Your face doesn’t have that tight feeling you can get after cleansing if the product is too harsh or ingredients are irritating. It seems to remove face and eye makeup very well. It remains to be seen though how long this cleanser lasts and whether it’s value for money.

Comvita Gentle Soothing Cleanser.