The weather here in Oxford is sooooooooo changeable. The Winter solstice occurred on June 21 and this means that the longest night is June 21/22 and the shortest day is June 21. And this is good news people. It means that a warm sun is making its way back to shine over New Zealand. I can feel the Summer warmth already – maybe I should fire up the barbie and dance around it (for my American readers, barbie is colloquial Aussie for BBQ. But you should know that given the ads featuring Paul Hogan, where he said “put another shrimp on the barbie“. But maybe you don’t know that Aussies wouldn’t say shrimp; we’d say prawn).

I digress. I looked out the bedroom window very early on the morning of June 21 and was met with a stunning but foggy sight. The landscape was shrouded with fog, which was casting an eerie bluish glow over the skeleton trees. Had to take photos to show you.

And I hope all my American readers enjoy the celebrations today – Independence Day.