I was telling you yesterday about my lightning visit to Auckland and how my 5.00pm flight out of the city was a bit scary. A huge storm was descending on Auckland. When I arrived around 8.30am, it was raining but, during the day, the sun made a welcome appearance before being cast into oblivion by deep grey, roiling clouds.

As we sat on the tarmac waiting to take-off, the pilot announced that the storm could mean we’d sit it out for awhile. But no sooner had he said this than he announced “flight attendants prepare the cabin for take-off“. I’d been glancing frequently at the sky. Although I don’t fear flying, I must admit I don’t like turbulence. So I prepared myself for the very distinct possibility that the dark clouds would mean being tossed around.

As we were taxiing for take-off, the light just seemed to disappear and was replaced by a dark sort of haze. We took off and climbed into the darkness. As we ascended, the plane was bumped around and I was busy praying we wouldn’t be tossed this way and that for too long.

Soon though we reached 30,000 feet and could see a wonderful sunset, with pinks and apricots flushing the sky. I only had my iPhone camera with me so couldn’t get shots that do the sky justice. Dramatic grey clouds were still floating by but thankfully the turbulence stopped.

My Air New Zealand plane is the one in the front. The Koru tail symbol is becoming as iconic to me as the kangaroo on Qantas planes.

A brooding sky!

You can see some pinks and even green tinges in the sky.