You live in Oxford, South Island of New Zealand, you need to prepare for a few things: earthquakes, COLD weather, frosts and snow. Winter in Oxford is usually (so I’ve been told) a mixture of frosty mornings and gorgeous, sunny days. This is interspersed with rain, mud and snow.

Winter 2010 wasn’t pleasant. It was rain. More rain. More more rain. And then more more more rain. So far, Winter 2011 hasn’t been much better and this is despite the locals telling me to expect a better Winter (because 2010 was unusual they say). I’ve also been told that Winter 2011 could be the coldest on record or since 1939 (something like this). It hasn’t been too cold but the frosts have started to make their icy appearance.

We’ve had to bite the bullet and get a dryer. Even when it’s sunny, sometimes the clothes just don’t dry due to the cold temperature. I never needed a dryer back in Sydney. I’m a tad worried about energy consumption, so will use it judiciously.

But back to the frost. My car is usually under-cover but, the other night, it was left out in the open. The next morning, it was covered with diamond-like icy crystals. The sun was shining on the car, so it looked very sparkly. I’m just glad I wasn’t going anywhere in a rush because I’d have to get rid of all the frost off the car.