English Pointers need a ton of exercise. They are high-energy, athletic dogs. Zeph and Zsa Zsa love nothing better than a good half hour or so of running in the paddocks. They do this about three, sometimes four, times a day. They just run and play; run and play. When they’re not doing this, they’re sniffing and frolicking in the garden around the house.

They also like to lounge about. Zsa Zsa especially likes to do this with her favourite fluffy toy duck (which used to be Zeph’s favourite fluffy toy duck). But after a quick snooze, I get The Look. I often turn around to find them staring at me – with this look on their faces, like they’re thinking “how much longer before we can run and play in the paddocks, mmm?”. Since I can’t resist The Look, it’s out the door and to the paddocks pronto.

Zsa Zsa is particularly good at The Look. She’s quite the demanding little diva dog.

Look into my eyes and repeat after me: I want to go to the paddocks NOW.

Zsa Zsa (at back) loves sleeping with her fluffy duck toy.