I do feel a tad ridiculous showing you a photo of my dinner salad. But dear reader, the salad is made of greens entirely from my vege patch. Now, to a former city girl used to buying insipid fruit and vege from supermarkets, this is exciting, heady stuff worthy of a photo.

The horses are really coming in handy because they supply the manure for the vege patch. Since I’ve been using horse manure, the vege patch has really been going well and the lettuce, particularly, seem to grow in abundance. The taste dear reader: well, there is actually a taste! Knowing that I’m eating something fresh, and grown with no nasty chemical fertilizers, is enormously satisfying.

I’m dreaming of sacrificing one of the paddocks for an enormous vege garden. Hubs is planning it out and thinking of a greenhouse. Whilst he’s planning, I’m also considering bees. Yes, bees. Why not? How fab would it be to produce my own honey. I have no idea if this is practical or not but plan to look into it. There are plenty of farmers around here who I know either have bees or used to have bees. It’s simply a matter of chatting to them.