Horses are herd animals. They are very social and prefer to live in a group, even if there are a few cat fights now and then. So it was time to put all my horses together in a herd. Muff (my Welsh stallion) and Karma (my Welsh mare) were together but separated from the other horses and I thought it was time to bung them all together.

First thing to do was get all the horses together in the arena. The arena is 50 x 50m and large enough to allow the horses to get acquainted, run around like mad things, squeal and carry on. Equine social behaviour is fascinating to watch. Karma is a very dominant mare but then so is Rosie – would they fight it out for Boss Mare position? Muff is scared of his own shadow – would he be intimidated by the three geldings?

There was a lot of fast-paced action for about half an hour and then they all settled into a companionable group. I then shifted them to a very large paddock and, over the last week or so, I’ve been fascinated by the changing dynamics. Karma and Rosie sometimes glare at each other and Karma squeals a bit, then gives up. I often see them together, so I suspect that they’ve reached a truce.

Every day, a different horse greets me at the gate but, more often than not, it’s Rosie.

Getting acquainted with each other.

They spent a lot of time running around and establishing the pecking order.

After much running around and squealing, things started to settle down.