Being a lover of decadent, fine quality chocolate, I’m very happy to offer up my review of She Chocolat – a Chocolaterie and Restaurant in Governors Bay, Christchurch. Governors Bay is actually one of the places we looked at very seriously and we bid on a house at auction. We lost out and ended up in Oxford. You can see the view from the house we would have enjoyed had we bought the property here on my photo blog. Possibly a good thing though that we missed out as that whole area around Lyttelton and Governors Bay was hit by the quake (second big one I think). Besides, I would have needed to turn myself into a mountain goat because the property was pretty steep.

I had to take my mate to She Chocolat if for no other reason than the view over the Bay. Just gorgeous. The hills surrounding Governors Bay are said to be home to seven, resting sisters and She Chocolat derives its name from the concept of sacred femininity in the land. I’ve been there several times before but not for quite a few months. We hit the place just in time for brunch. The menu is varied and I had a hard time selecting between enticing dishes. But knowing that I would be having dessert and probably scoffing a chocolate or two, I decided to go for the pumpkin soup with homemade bread. Very creamy and delish. Hubs opted for my favourite, Eggs Benedict. I was a tad jealous because I love that dish. My friend had fish and we shared a bowl of triple-cooked potato wedges (very delish!). Then we shared an amazing dessert – Koko Chilli. Here’s how the menu describes this taste sensation:

“Layers of meringue, vanilla and chilli infused ganache, enrobed in the finest chocolate and complete with cacao nibs, served with chilli infused chocolate shards, chocolate-rolled cacao nibs and served with fresh cream – truly a wow for your taste buds!

With a description like that, how could you not order this dessert. Love the use of the word enrobed. I was a tad disappointed when the dessert came out because it seemed to be a tiny portion. Not to mention a bit on the expensive side at NZ$13.90. But it was certainly one of the best desserts I’ve had in ages – very rich, so I’m glad I shared it with my friend. The chilli was delicate and didn’t overpower the richness and smoothness of the dark chocolate. I don’t like dark chocolate but don’t mind it when it’s offset with cream or other flavours. This dessert was intricate with the finest ingredients, hence the price I guess.

I then had a coffee, resisting the temptation to try the Mayan hot chocolate with chilli and spices. I accompanied this with a carefully selected chocolate filled with marzipan. You could go wild at the chocolate counter let me tell you.

If you have ever wondered what chocolate to serve with a wine, have a look at the menu under Wine List & Chocolate Matches. The menu is under the heading Fully Licensed Restaurant on the She Chocolat site. Or if you’ve ever wondered how to eat Truffles, check out page 11 in the menu.

Aside from getting the most breathtaking views of Governors Bay, your taste buds will be very happy if you dine at She Chocolat!

The chocolate counter. You can go crazy here.

The chocolate counter fairly groans under the weight of delicious treats!

Herb and water garden at She Chocolat.

Belgian chocolate drink complete with chocolate spoon.

The Koko Chilli dessert with chocolate spoon.

You can enjoy spectacular views overlooking Governors Bay.

Taken through the window hence the reflection. In summer months, you can sit out on the balcony.