Let me introduce you to Henrietta and Grampa – high quality, rubber chickens. Regular readers will know of the significance of rubber chickens to me and Tyler. In the past, I’m afraid Tyler didn’t have an upmarket chicken to play with. He had rather common-looking yellow and red chooks and, he went through so many of them, my Oz mate (who just visited us in NZ) decided to source some better-looking chickens. I believe that Tyler now has rubber chickens more fitting to his dog royalty status.

And now, so do Zeph and Zsa Zsa because my mate brought them gifts: Henrietta and Grampa. Both of them look like they’ve just stepped off that oh-so-quaint American small country farm. They come complete with very clever back-stories too and apparently Henrietta left the farm and became a Las Vegas showgirl. Imagine.

Henrietta was selected as the first chicken to play with and makes a loud chicken sound when you press her. Zsa Zsa loves Henrietta and now growls at Zeph if he tries to take her away. At first though, Zeph wasn’t too sure about Henrietta and backed away from her. Grampa has been locked up in a cupboard until Henrietta goes to rubber chicken heaven. Then it will be Grampa’s turn 🙂

Henrietta (on the left) and Grampa.

Zeph isn't quite sure about Henrietta.

Grampa's back-story.

Henrietta was once a showgirl.