Zsa Zsa is now five months old and her personality has become very apparent. She is adorable but has quite the determined mind. Up to now, Zeph has been leading the play sessions: chasing after ZZ, attempting to take bones away from her and generally being the dominant dog.

Last week, things started to change for poor old Zeph. ZZ can now run much faster and keep up the pace for longer. So she can give Zeph a run for his money. And now she is leading the play – running after Zeph, snatching sticks or bones away from him and trying to bite him on the neck. It’s all congenial puppy play and they have a ton of fun but sometimes they sound like they are killing each other.

They are both high energy, boisterous dogs. I’m hoping that one day, in the not too distant future, they lose some of the high energy and turn into couch potatoes.

Zsa Zsa goes for the jugular.

...and then goes in for the kill.

But Zeph fights on....

...only to get attacked again.

Zsa Zsa's not giving up.

ZZ goes for the "flying leap" move.

Zeph tries to escape but ZZ is hot on his heels.

....and they keep running and running - because that's what English Pointers do.