My post on make-up techniques for the “mature woman” is going very well, so here’s another one. I should point out that I’m not a MUA (that’s make-up artist) but since I’m incredibly old, it means I’ve spent centuries using make-up – so I claim some expertise. 🙂 And I religiously follow some popular makeup blogs like this one and try to keep up with all the trends.

I’m currently having a Body Shop rediscovery and enjoying it. Over the years, I’ve always used some Body Shop stuff but went off the Body Shop when L’Oreal bought the cosmetics giant in 2006. IMHO, I think over the next few years, the Body Shop went downhill a bit. I guess L’Oreal was trying to test the waters and see what new products they could come up with to keep the brand going. Like heaps of women worldwide, I’ve used the Body Shop body butters over the years (with the Cocoa Body butter and Coconut one being my favs).

Recently, I’ve noticed some new product ranges and decided to buy a couple of things from the Body Shop – and I’m impressed. It seems the brand is still loyal to its Community Trade roots – at least I hope they are. Their Baked to Last bronzers are fantastic – I have the 02 Warm Glow, which is more suitable for fair skin. These bronzers have three colours swirled together into a dome shape apparently baked in Italy. You get a lovely soft illuminating glow with no disco ball glitter. I also have a Love Lip gloss from the Body Shop’s Nomadic Goddess collection in Golden Coral that I really like plus a sample-size Divide and Multiply mascara.

So I used these products as well as a Rimmel Glam ‘Eyes quad in Smokey Brun. Rimmel is a reasonably-priced, UK-cosmetics brand that I’ve used on and off ever since I was a teenager. The quad has lovely earthy colours, which I favour, but the eyeshadow doesn’t have great pigmentation, which means you need to use an eye-shadow primer underneath to get the colour to cling and stay put (I use MAC’s Painterly Paint Pot). I also used an old Laura Mercier kohl pencil (in Black Violet) I found stashed away in the makeup I brought over from Oz. For a touch of illumination at the top of the cheek and eye area, I used my favourite (and frugal) highlighter – Za’s Shimmer Glimmer. Foundation is Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation in Vanilla – this gives great coverage without that cakey look. Voilà!