Mr T aka Tyler, the rough collie and brother of Max, has been VERY ill. Regular readers will know that Max and Tyler belong to my great Aussie mate who just visited us in New Zealand. They are 8-year old brothers and I am their Dogmother (as opposed to Godmother). I’m going to leave it to my friend to explain exactly what happened to Tyler because I’ve been so worried about him, all I’ve been listening to as I received daily updates, is whether he was okay or not.

I used to stay at my mate’s home regularly each week and I’d often wake up during the night to find a collie snout pressing up against my face. Usually, it was Tyler. He and I have a special relationship although it is rather one-sided. He offers up affection when he feels like it and affection equals presenting me with his rear end for pats. We often refer to him as Dog Royalty.

Although I have Zeph and Zsa Zsa, I do miss Max and Tyler so I was shocked to hear that Mr T (as we lovingly call him) suddenly came down with some sort of massive infection. Apparently, he seemed his normal self but then went off his food for a few days. My friend and her mum carted him off to the vet and, next thing I know, it was pretty serious news. From what I understand, he had a massive infection that affected his lungs and so he had trouble breathing.

But Mr T is okay now and back home thank goodness. Frankly, he has too many people to present his rear end to; too many people to convince that he is Dog Royalty; and too many people to give that haughty, regal look of his to, complete with slight lip curl.

Tyler (front) and Max. Max has his own dramas going on - an infection in his leg - so this is why he's wearing splints.

Poor Tyler in the animal hospital. He had trouble breathing.