Well, the DailyOxford is about to morph into the DailyRome. Yes dear reader, I am off to Rome, Italy. Not for a holiday, nope. I’ve been offered a consulting role for 2.5 months, stationed in Rome.  It’s in my area of specialisation – knowledge management. I should be able to reveal more once I’m there. Thankfully, I’m going Business Class and on my favourite airline, Emirates. Not to mention in transit through my fav airport, Dubai. Duty free heaven!

Actually, by the time you read this post, I will be in Rome. I’ll be spending the first few days in a hotel, then I’ll move into an apartment. What I can’t quite get my head around is this – Oxford has just experienced super cold weather and snow. So I’m well-used to rugging up. But August in Rome is brutally hot. I can’t actually remember what super hot weather feels like – even though I lived in Oz for decades and have experienced Rome during July. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the shimmering heat.

I’m excited about going and looking forward to getting my teeth into what I think will be a meaty role. But I’m sooooooooooo going to miss Zeph and Zsa Zsa. It was a hard decision whether to go or not. But hubs talked me into it. He said I shouldn’t miss this opportunity and I know he’s right. He will remain behind and dog sit before joining me for a few weeks. Hubs will also horse-sit and my riding instructor will continue the schooling we’ve been doing with Rosie.

My mother-in-law will come over from Portugal. She’s a sweetheart and we haven’t seen her since 2008. Also, my step-son will visit from France. I’m sure he’s going to set the Italian girls’ hearts aflutter. He’s a good looking 21- year old with a French accent. Need I say more. And in bonus news: my great Oz mate, who just visited us in NZ, will visit and stay with me for about three weeks and we plan to sample as many pizzas as possible.

When hubby flies over, pups will go to the breeders, which is like their second home. Zeph will spend time with his sister, Cha, and his mum, Vera. And Zsa Zsa is like the Princess of the Kennels. All the dogs know and love her. So I know they’ll be well-looked after. Hubs and I will be Skyping a lot and I’ll get to see the pups.

I’m not sure if I’ll have daily internet access whilst in Rome, so I might not be able to post daily. But rest assured I will bring you all the sights and food of Rome. I’ve made the tough decision not to take my Nikon D40 camera. Simply because I have to lug so much with me for 2.5 months and I’m a little worried about it getting stolen. So the trusty iPhone will just have to be my main photographic medium.

I’ve packed about four times now. Each time, paring down a little bit more. Naturally, the most stuff I’m taking is skincare and makeup. I’m sure the horrid heat will play havoc with my skin, so I’m taking the sunscreen I like most – Oasis Beauty SPF30+Broad Spectrum sunscreen and the Clarisonic of course. I must say, I’m panicking about having to find a hairdresser in Rome, so I asked my hairdresser here to write down the colours she uses. Gals reading this post will understand why I’m worried – your hairdresser is like your BFF.

Well, until my first post from Rome, it’s ciao for now loyal reader!

The front garden just the other day. A Winter Wonderland. Don't think I'll be seeing this in Rome!