Day 2 in Rome was a Saturday and by this stage I was feeling a bit worried about my lack of Italian. I’d ducked into a supermarket and a café only to find when it came to paying, I couldn’t understand a word they were saying. The electronic cash register wasn’t facing me, so I couldn’t tell how much they were asking for.

So I decided I had to tackle the Metro system because, once I move into the apartment, I can no longer walk to work. I will have to travel on Linea B (or Line B) from Circo Massimo (or Circus Maximus) to Laurentina and then catch the shuttle bus that picks up staff who get off at Laurentina station.

Actually, Rome’s Metro system is dead easy to navigate around. The trick is knowing how to get a ticket and what sort of ticket to get. Because I’m here for a couple of months, I bought a monthly ticket for 30 Euros (called a Roma pass), which allows you unlimited rides on the Metro and buses. This ticket will start on August 1st and until then, I am buying a daily ticket, which costs 4 Euros. With this ticket, you get unlimited train and bus rides. If you just buy a ticket for 1 Euro (called a Bit), then you only get one train ride – tricky if you want to get off at Termini (the main train station) and catch a train on Linea A (or Line A), because this involves two trains. Navigating the automatic ticketing machine at the stations isn’t too hard as you can press the button for different languages.

I set off around 9.00am and caught a train from Laurentina to Termini. I had one purpose in mind: get to Sephora, the mecca of cosmetics and skincare! There isn’t a Sephora in Australia or New Zealand, so I was determined to check it out. There’s a Sephora at Termini Station. I did buy a few things and will do a post soon. After Sephora, I exited Termini Station and just started walking. I decided not to get a map and just see where I’d end up. I’ve been to Rome several times, so a few roads and buildings are familiar as well as general areas.

I went a bit wild and did the “let’s visit all the famous sights in one day” thing. I visited the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and walked along Via Condotti, where all the famous brand shops are.

Rome is stuffed with tourists right now. The weather is gorgeous. Warm but not too hot. With all the tourists though it does mean that visiting the Pantheon was frustrating. Lots of people shuffling around in a confined space, talking away. The Pantheon for me is the sort of place you want to enjoy in peace and quiet. I walked for about 6 hours, only stopping to enjoy a lemon gelato from a shop at the Trevi Fountain and a panini in some café near the Spanish Steps.

The great find for me today has been a couple of bracelets – more in my next post! For now, here are some shots from my trusty iPhone of the ever-stunning Rome. I decided not to bring my Nikon D40. I’m sad about that but I think it was the right decision. I carted so much over here, one more bag hanging off my shoulder would have been too much.

There are some serious cameras slung around tourist necks here in Rome, let me tell you. Quite a few people have looked at me oddly when I’ve whipped out my iPhone to snap away. (Really, I think they’re bedazzled by my diamente cheetah-patterned iPhone cover). But one American dude was doing the same with his iPhone and we exchanged knowing glances (as in yeah, we’re VERY serious photographers dabbling in the new medium of iPhone photography!).