I’m biased of course but I have amazingly smart dogs – both Zeph and Zsa Zsa can Skype. The worst part of being away for 2.5 months is that I’m missing my dogs, my horses and hubs (guess I should put hubs first) and……New Zealand. Yeah, yeah I know I’m in ROME and should be savouring every minute. Well, I am but, at the same time, I’m a bit homesick.

So I have daily Skype video chats with hubs and Zeph and Zsa Zsa. We are in a routine now. Hubs Skypes me around 6.30am NZ time, which is 8.30pm Rome time (the day before). We chat a bit and then it’s time for me to wake up the pups. So I lean towards the webcam and call “pup, pup, pup: Zsa Zsa, Zeph!!”. They apparently come running down the stairs and rush up to hubs so he can lift them and they can Skype with me.

Their side of the conversation goes something like this: sniff the screen, lick the screen, woof, woof. My side of the conversation is: “oh, look at pretty girl, Zsa Zsa, you’ve grown so much!. Zeph, have you been a good boy?”.  And then they rush off, as does hubs because it’s their breakfast time and that’s far more important than chatting with me!

Hubs having trouble controlling two very lively, excited dogs. Me: looking and sounding like an idiot no doubt because I'm talking to dogs!