When I lived in Oz, the ladies at Mecca Cosmetica in Myer knew me VERY well. When I left Oz, I wondered how I’d survive in New Zealand without Mecca but…..it opened up at Ballantynes, Christchurch. I went there once and then wham, The Quakes happened. Mecca Cosmetica is in Wellington too (at Kirkcaldie and Stains) but I don’t get up to Welly much.

One of my favourite products at Mecca was the Italian toothpaste, Marvis. It was imported from Florence and they had the classic, strong mint flavour in this wonderful retro-looking green and silver tube. I think there were other flavours available but I was stuck on the mint – I loved it so much. But it was pricey. My memory might be a bit slippery here but I think it cost around AU$5.00, if not more. And then it disappeared from Mecca and I was sidetracked by the wonderful Greek brand, Korres.

Imagine my delight when I cruised into Beauty Point here in Rome and spotted Marvis. Forget Sephora – I’ve found Beauty Point. There seems to be one on every corner and its chock-full of Italian brands (like Deborah Milano) and French skincare I’ve never heard of, such as Institut Arnaud. And there was that gorgeous spearmint green and silver tube of toothpaste sitting on the glass shelves just waiting for me.

What was the price for the huge tube? A mere two Euro, which is around AU$2.78 and NZ$3.45. Makes you realise the mark-up importers place on imported goods. Naturally, I snapped up a tube (in fact, two).

I wondered why Mecca stopped stocking Marvis and found out that Marvis is now available in Australia and New Zealand through an independent trading company. And all the flavours are available – classic mint; aquatic mint; ginger mint; jasmine mint; and whitening mint. Not sure about the jasmine mint but I must ferret out the other flavours here in Rome.

In glorious NZ, Marvis only seems to be available in Auckland and Wellington. Why does everybody always forget the South Island? People live there too you know. People who welcome variety in products.

I love the way Marvis toothpaste is described on the website:

Marvis reinterprets the concept of toothpaste, turning a simple daily act into the pure pleasure of life, discovery and taste, day after day.

Now that’s a slick piece of marketing if you ask me!