The Italians are a very classy lot, I’ll say that. Despite my carry on about the lack of variety in their cuisine, I can’t criticise them in any way for the chicness and elegance that is Italian fashion. There are heaps of sales on at the moment. I’m hoping they’re real sales and not fake ones put on specially for all the tourists crowding Rome at the moment.

Even if they’re fake sales, there are two things to say: firstly, things are actually made in Italy and NOT China; secondly, the prices are lower than in Oz or NZ. So I’ve bought a few things dear reader but haven’t gone totally berserk.

I didn’t bring an umbrella with me. I figured I was packing for 2.5 months and that meant clothes, shoes and makeup. Not an umbrella. No room. It hasn’t rained since I’ve been here but I thought I should buy an umbrella just in case. I didn’t want to buy a huge one as I’ll be lugging it back to NZ. Since I’m going back Business Class, I’ll probably buy a new suitcase here and fill it with my haul of Italian stuff (well, being somewhat frugal, it won’t be a huge haul).

I came across an accessory shop that had THE cutest bits and pieces. And lo and behold, they had a fold up umbrella in a gorgeous little case, which can double as a makeup pouch. And you know how I love multi-tasking products. The Italians just have this amazing attention to detail. Things are well made and luxurious. I’m pretty confident that anything I buy here, that’s made in Italy, won’t fall apart quickly, like stuff made in China.

The case has that wonderful retro-European look that I love.

Sorry for the noise in the photo: but you get the idea - the umbrella folds up and you pop it back into the pouch.