Okay, so in this post and the next one, I’ll show you a few things I’ve bought. I figure I’m not going to be living in Italy any time soon again, so when I spot something I really like (and if it’s on sale), I’m snapping it up. I’ve always liked Murano glass and have a gold-flecked necklace my mother-in-law gave me when she visited us in Australia in 2008 and a ring my mate brought back from Italy a couple of years ago.

The last two weeks, I’ve been cruising around on the weekends getting to know the shops and the prices. Murano glass can be quite pricey and there’s so much variety, you could buy an item in one shop, then kick yourself in the next shop because you see something you like better (and it might even be cheaper).

I didn’t have that problem because I spotted two rings that both screamed Buy Me. Both are my kind of colours and patterns. I only paid 10 Euro each (NZ $17.00) so I suspect they may not really be Murano glass. Whatever. Who cares. I love them for their colours and bold patterns.

The gold and black one just reminds me of a cheetah-pattern and the other ring is a large square shape filled with gorgeous black, white, green and gold swirls.

I really love the swirling gold bits in this Murano glass ring.

Gaw-jus! Black and gold Murano glass ring.