The Italians pay great attention to detail, I’ll say that. And they seem to love taking their dogs everywhere with them. I’ve seen tiny breakfast dogs (as Tyler would call a fluffy, teensy weensy dog he’d eat for breakfast) being carted around in handbags. I’ve seen larger dogs on leashes walking into boutiques and shops with their owner. I’ve seen dogs being walked in parks on the longest of leashes.

Mind you, I haven’t seen dog owners carrying around plastic bags or picking up any dog poop. In fact, I’ve had to dodge some doggy stuff on the pavement quite a few times.

But just in case you want to take your beloved canine to the local supermarket down the hill from where I’m living – well, there’s a special hook for you to secure the leash around and leave your best friend safe and sound outside. In Australia or New Zealand, we’d be lucky to find a hook let alone one that’s a metal dog silhouette.