I adore the Colosseum (or Colosseo in Italian). My apartment is an easy ten-minute walk from this wonderful amphitheatre. Franco told me it was the first building in the world to use prefabrication. I hope I have this right – Franco’s English wasn’t the best and my Italian is well, pathetic. But I understood him to say that each of the archways were pre-assembled and brought to the site and that the whole structure took about 80 years to complete.

Franco didn’t want to take me to the Colosseum because (as he said) it’s for the tourists. But I go there a lot to just sit and marvel. The Colosseum is at its best just as the daylight fades and night-time is starting to softly embrace the landscape.

I’m sure Franco wouldn’t approve of my tourist shots but I thought I’d take some to show you this truly amazing ancient structure, completed in 80 AD. Franco was a photographer and he used to shoot in black and white film, around Rome in the 1950s and 1960s. I’m hoping to see some of his photos because I’m sure they’ll be superb.

I’m putting a lot of my shots on my photo blog, ChinchillaBluePhotography, so don’t forget to check it out if you’re interested in Rome.