I have no great knowledge of Mexican food or love of it. In fact, my only real dabble with Mexican food has been beef nachos in Australia and a bit of guacamole here and there. So I’m not qualified to provide a review of a Mexican restaurant down the hill from my apartment in Circo Massimo. But where angels fear to tread; I rush in.

The first thing I’ll say is that, should you end up dining at Mexico All’ Aventino on Viale Aventino, 83, you must make a bee-line for the loo (or toilet for my American readers). Check the female toilet out:

Taking photos of loos is not part of my photographic portfolio, but I simply had to show you the amazing designs. The restaurant itself has a lovely breezy feel to it, with the Mexican-themed decorations being well-thought out. You can, if you wish, eat out on the pavement or sidewalk but I don’t particularly like passers-by copping an eyeful of me stuffing my face.

We ordered a mixed entree with taco chips, various dips like guacamole with sour cream and jalapeños. Note to self: remember not to scoff a ton of jalapeños in one go. This was a sizeable entree for two people and cost Euro 18.00. For the main meal, I had tortilla filled with chicken and accompanied by lettuce, sour cream and a chilli sauce. This dish is called Chimichanga De Pollo and the cost is Euro 15.00.

You can also go to Mexico All’ Aventino and order a cocktail and eat from the buffet. The buffet has corn chips, dips, pizza slices and, when I was there, some yummy German-style biscuits dusted with icing sugar. I wouldn’t say that you would come to Rome to eat Mexican food but…..it was a welcome change from the pasta and pizza and I think the food was quite good.