I have a few secret obsessions that won’t be so secret now that I’m blabbing about them. One is Memphis Meltdown Big Hokey ice-cream. I could eat one of these every single night if I didn’t put brakes on myself. Another is for this song. I can play it over and over again. And then of course there is my penchant for makeup.

But…now I have an Italian obsession. And no, it’s not my Italian hairdresser. It’s a breakfast cereal. Now, I know this will sound oh so very Nana of me but my usual breakfast is All-Bran. I’ve had All-Bran ever since I was a kid, thousands of years ago, sitting with my grandmother on her sunny balcony.

Since living in Italy, I have discovered cornettos but I try to keep scoffing these to a minimum. They have All-Bran here but the first week I arrived, I spotted a cereal sitting next to the All-Bran that looked tempting. I bought a packet and have been obsessed ever since. It’s Kellogg’s Extra fruit mix and let me tell you – there are chunky bits of fruit in there. It’s sweet without being too sweet and keeps me going until lunch time.

Can we get this in New Zealand? Hang on – let me check. Nope, doesn’t look like it. Bollocks. Why don’t they have this cereal? You think New Zealanders don’t like fruit mix Kelloggs?? I’ll have to try and bring back a few packets and hope NZ Customs will understand my obsession.