I picked up a fabulous pair of earrings in Testaccio last week and featured them in a recent post. They have that 1960s retro look about them that I find very appealing and they’re in my favourite colour, green. I was on my way to the local Saturday markets in Testaccio and turned into the wrong street, just before the markets. What a lucky mistake – because I stumbled onto a boutique with the earrings displayed in the front window.

I went inside the shop and became embroiled in a discussion about Fimo modelling clay. Well, the discussion was English on my side; Italian on the shop owner’s side. But we managed to make ourselves understood. I wanted to know how the earrings were made. The shop owner showed me this plasticine looking stuff that she was using to make a ring. I heard the word Fimo and immediately realised what they were made from. The boutique was full of fantastic earrings, rings and bangles all made from Fimo. I had to snap up the earrings – only Euro 5.00.

I then went off to the markets in the next street. Here you can find fresh produce, bread, cheeses and confectionery. You can pick up fantastic leather handbags for Euro 50.00 (I resisted the urge to buy a gorgeous soft leather grey bag), leather shoes and fashionable clothes.

After the markets, I went around the corner to a favourite cafe and had a cappuccino and cornetto, standing up at the cafe counter with all the local Italians. This has become a Saturday routine now and I’m really going to miss it.

May not be everyone's taste but I LOVE these 1960s-looking earrings, made from FIMO.