Flying into Christchurch, after 2.5 months away, was amazing. The Southern Alps were covered with fluffy clouds and then they floated away to reveal the peaks of mountains lightly dusted with snow. As we flew lower, you could see large squares of farming land, divided by the ubiquitous macrocarpa that you see here in the South Island. Really, it was like looking at colourful geometry.

Then, in the distance, Christchurch – a city that has been through so much over the last year, including yet another rattling 5.5 quake on October 9 (the day before I arrived home).

So for today’s post, I bring you the beauty of the South Island of New Zealand, heading into Christchurch, a city that is down but definitely not out. In the second last photo, you will see small dots – those are sheep on a property that is basically adjacent to the airport. Ah New Zealand: 4.4 million people and around 39 million sheep.