I’m still in Malaysia. But I’m so busy facilitating workshops and speaking at a conference – I have hardly any time to post. But I had to show you the sugared doughnuts I’m currently obsessed with. Remember I told you about the large sugared doughnuts, called jambella, that I loved to have with a cappuccino during my stay in Italy?

Well, I was pretty happy to see a smaller version of these doughnuts at the hotel I’m staying at in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur. The hotel has an amazing breakfast buffet. I mean amazing with a capital A. You can choose from Indian, Malay, Chinese or Japanese traditional breakfasts. Or you can go the Western route and have cereals, bacon and eggs, or toast with marmalade. You can even pretend you’re French and scoff a croissant or two.

But when I spotted the mini sugared doughnuts on my first reconnaissance of the breakfast buffet, I knew they would form part of my standard breakfast this week. I simply pretend I’m Italian and have them with a cappuccino. Sadly, they are nowhere near as good as the Italian jambella. Nor is the coffee here in Malaysia remotely near as good as the Italians can do. But hey, when in Malaysia…. For my great mate’s benefit – I have not yet found the Buffet Dog.

Tomorrow, is the huge conference I will be speaking at. Today, I went to the opening ceremony and had a chat with the Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, who happens to be the son of former Malaysian PM, Mahathir. Lots of photographers were circling around as we were chatting about the Malaysian economy – I’m just hoping that no hideous photo appears of me in the daily Malaysian newspapers tomorrow. It was a totally unexpected situation and I’m not sure I was wearing my shiniest of lip glosses 🙂

In two days, I leave for Bangkok. Haven’t been there since 2005 and of all times to go to Bangkok, I am going when there is massive flooding. I’ll try to get some photos of the flooding that is affecting Bangkok and surrounding areas.

This is the middle of the buffet area - where the cereals and fruits are.

My obsession......small sugared doughnuts.