For the uninitiated, FOTD means Face Of The Day. Regular readers (all two of you) know that I have a penchant for makeup and skincare. I well remember my 12th birthday. I announced to my mother in all seriousness that I wanted “crow’s foot cream” aka eye cream. Without batting an eyelid, my mother promptly took me off to the Estee Lauder counter at Farmers. Farmers was a New Zealand department store that used to be in Australia (at least I’m assuming the Australian Farmers was the NZ Farmers). The sales assistant was very patient with me as I carried on about how I needed an advanced cream to combat the very obvious crow’s feet. Hilarious.

Anyway. Whilst in Malaysia, I dropped into Sephora. I showed you my Sephora haul from Rome and I wanted to see what different products Sephora Malaysia might have. I missed out on the Urban Decay Naked Palette in Rome and it’s sold out in Malaysia too. Drats. Really want this palette.

But I did manage to pick up a brilliant little palette from Too Faced (really, my favourite makeup range). The palette is called Naked Eye and is a collection of nine matte neutrals and soft shimmer eyeshadows. The shadows are: In The Buff (matte ivory), Pillow Talk (light taupe sheen), Like A Virgin (matte taupe), Birthday Suit (beige shimmer), Satin Sheets (golden champagne shimmer), Unmentionables (steel gray shimmer), Pink Cheeks (pale pink), Lap Dance (silvery taupe shimmer) and Stiletto (matte black). The palette is a bit on the chunky side and doesn’t have any blush shades. And I’m not sure why three of the shadows are large, whilst the other six are smaller. But it’s still a great palette to get that neutral eye look and I’m having great fun playing with colour combinations. Stiletto makes a great eyeliner.

I also picked up the Peach Leopard brightening and perfecting bronzer by Two Faced. I mean, who can resist a bronzer called Peach Leopard, complete with a picture of a cute leopard on the funky packaging. This bronzer looks a little scary at first. I thought it would be too bright orange or muddy brown on my oh-so-pale skin. But…no ladies! This is a wonderful, swirling combination of warm soft peach and chocolate. When you sweep the brush across the bronzer, you don’t get any messy fall out. You seem to get just the right amount of bronzer to give your face a healthy looking glow. Really loving this leopard. I think it will best suit pale skins though.

I ran out of my green colour-correcting foundation primer to tone down the redness of my Celtic-heritage skin (I was using the Australian brand Australis and the small tube lasted me close to four months). Whilst at Sephora, I noticed that Smashbox had a green tinted corrector, so I bought it. I’m a tad disappointed with it frankly. Whereas a pea-sized amount of the Australis colour-corrector goes a long way, the Smashbox corrector is a bit thin and doesn’t really tone down the redness. So once I’ve finished the tube, it’s back to Australis, which I can buy in New Zealand.

I’ve put the whole lot together for you for the FOTD. The lipgloss is a current favourite – the Body Shop’s Love Gloss in Tropical Pink (#18). I think this is from their Nomadic Goddess Summer Makeup Collection.The shade looks more bright peachy coral to me but it’s called Tropical Pink. In the photo of me on the left – I’m using Pink Cheeks as the base; Like a Virgin in the crease and on the outer corners of the eye. In the second photo, same thing except I’m using Stiletto as a liner. Peach Leopard and Tropical Pink feature in both photos.

L-R: Too Faced Naked Eye palette; Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer in Green tint; Too Faced Peach Leopard Brightening and Perfecting Bronzer.

The 9 shades in the Naked Eye palette.

Too Faced Peach Leopard.

Gaw-jus!! Peach Leopard is a perfect combination of peach, chocolate, and bronze.

The Body Shop’s Love Gloss in Tropical Pink.