Rome had tempting cakes and pastries and Malaysia was equally tempting. But who knew Thailand would offer colourful, intricately decorated cakes. The attention to design and detail is very impressive. I had to take lots of photos to show you various cakes decorated with marine life and mermaids; people; cars; landscapes.

Some of the cakes had bright blue icing (a bit off-putting), whilst others featured gorgeous emerald green and buttercup yellow icing. I was sooooooooo tempted to buy a cake and see whether it tasted as good as it looked. My experience with Asian cakes and pastries is that they are often not as sweet as their Western counterparts and can sometimes be disappointing. Having said this, I scoffed a stunning mango pastry layered with delicately-spiced whipped cream in Malaysia.

I resisted the urge to buy a cake in Bangkok though. Serious brownie points to me! To give you an idea of cost, one of the cakes I was looking at weighed 2lbs. The Thais use the Imperial system of measurement so I have to convert this to metric…hang on…..that’s around 0.91 kgs. The cost of a 2lb cake was 1,100 Baht or around NZ$43.00. I reckon I’d pay that just to taste one of these sensational looking cakes but due to the floods, no time. I also spotted some macaroons, which I love, but also avoided these. Note to self: try to ease up on holidays and let go occasionally.