In Thailand, a foreigner is referred to as a farang. This term is used mainly for Caucasians and it depends on the context as to whether it’s an insult or not. More often than not though, it’s a neutral word and so I am the farang aunt for Peem and Poom. These cute boys are the sons of Lalida’s brother but I didn’t get to meet them when I was in Thailand recently. Peem (who is 4-years old) came to meet us at the airport but was so shy, he hid behind Lalida in the car and I never really managed to meet him properly due to Nam-tuam. I didn’t meet Poom (2-years old).

We gave the boys some New Zealand gifts – a soft toy Kiwi for Peem and a white fluffy lamb for Poom. Peem is staying with his father at the factory he works at due to the flooding, so I don’t have any photos of Peem opening up his gift. But here are the cutest photos of Poom enjoying his new friend, a New Zealand lamb. I LOVE the largest photo of Poom smiling at the lamb. Just too too cute!