You know I loved my Italian hairdresser, Manolo. After initially fretting over whether he’d send my hair violet, I decided he is the best hairdresser I’ve ever had. This doesn’t mean I no longer like my New Zealand hairdresser, Amy. She’s very good (despite looking about 12 years old).

So I took along some photos of Manolo’s work to show Amy. The NZ hair salon uses Joico shampoos and hair colours, whilst the Italian salon used Wella (interesting they didn’t use Davines, which is an Italian hair care brand). We fussed over whether the Italian colour was copper or auburn; we looked at colour examples; and we finally concluded we couldn’t match the colour. Drats. Amy said Manolo had done a great job of cutting my hair but I did sense she was somewhat pleased when I told her that the way they slapped on the colour was a little messy.

Amy decided we’d try two colours and, at my next appointment, we’ll use a third colour to give the hair gradation of tone. I don’t see it now but guess it will happen. Although I like the result, I prefer Manolo’s work. Marry me Manolo! I could be like the Aussie Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and have a hairdresser as my partner. Oh, wait: I’m already married. To an architect. Wonder if he could retrain to be a hairdresser?!