Well, actually it’s not me who’s expecting: it’s Mabel, our goat. Rupert had his way with Mabel and the result is that she is expecting a kid or kids. When I arrived back in New Zealand last week, it was immediately obvious that Mabel was in a delicate condition, shall we say. Or she is simply obese. Take your pick but I think it’s the former option.

Mabel, being a doe, is pregnant between 150-155 days. I’ve been freaking myself out reading articles and finding out about all the things that can go wrong.I think the birth is imminent and so I’m on “goat watch”. This will be followed soon by “foal watch” as Karma is in-foal and expecting just before or just after Christmas. Mares are pregnant between 320-370 days (or 320-350 according to our vet).

I’ve already placed Karma on brood mare mix (which I prepare myself as I don’t believe in feeding processed crap) and I’m watching for all the signs. I’ve been doing a heap of reading on pregnant mares and feel reasonably confident, albeit somewhat nervous. It’s hard though keeping her weight down because she’s a Welsh Cob and they are stocky, powerfully built horses.

If it’s a filly, I have a name picked out but will wait to see if it suits the foal. If it’s a colt, I’m toast as I have no names just yet.

Are you calling me fat?