I mentioned in a recent post that I was going to buy a Japanese cleanser whilst in Malaysia. The thing I love about travelling to other parts of this wonderful world of ours is all the different things you can see and buy. I always try out makeup or skincare in other countries and I’ve read quite a bit about the insanely popular Japanese brand, Hada Labo, which is renowned for its anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients. Hada Labo is actually a  joint collaboration between Mentholatum Co. in the United States and Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. in Japan.

I like cleansing oils with Shu Uemura’s being a particular favourite (another Japanese brand). From the Hada Labo range, I bought the Super Hyaluronic Acid cleansing oil and it’s fantastic. I have combination skin – oily T-zone, normal elsewhere. So it initially seemed odd to me that you could use an oil to cleanse. If you want to read more about the benefits of cleansing oils for your skin, go here.

With this water-soluble olive oil cleanser, you massage the oil on a dry face, using dry hands. One pump seems to do the job and the oil dissolves foundation, eye makeup and mascara, which literally melts before your eyes. You then saturate your face with water and the oil turns into a sort of white milk that you wash off. Your skin is not left feeling tight nor is there any greasy residue. You might have to work the oil into the eye area a bit to disperse stubborn eye makeup and mascara. The cleansing oil has a fresh scent to it and the whole cleansing process is fuss free. Sooooooooo hoping I can get this cleansing oil again somewhere in New Zealand, although I will be alternating it with my NZ cleanser.

The next product I bought is a shampoo for colour-treated hair by the French company Laboratoire Phyto. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the shampoos in Oz but I bought mine at Sephora in Malaysia. It’s called Phytocitrus and is a restructuring shampoo with grapefruit and chamomile extract. The grapefruit business is supposed to add shine to your hair and I must say that it seems to do that.

There’s a screw on cap for the bottle and this is frankly annoying because you run the risk of pouring out more shampoo than you need. The shampoo has a wonderfully fresh citrus smell and you leave the shampoo in your hair for three minutes. Bonus: your hair seems just as clean the very next day. I reckon I’d buy this shampoo again although my current favourite is the Body Shop’s Rainforest Radiance range.