On the suggestion of my blogging colleague, Marc of Creative Spark, I checked out Vanilla Cafe in Bangkok. It’s located at 53 Ekamai Soi 12, Sukhumvit Soi 63, Bangkok and the moment I walked in, I knew why Marc had recommended it. For me, it was a bit like stepping back into the 1950s (not that I ever lived in the 1950s but I’ve always liked mid-20th Century interiors).

The cafe itself sits next to Sauce, a bookshop, and both are located in a tranquil garden with a quaint path that leads to stairs that take you to Vanilla Cafe. The interior is full of mid-20th Century “antiques” like old coloured telephones; kidney-shaped low wooden tables; and vintage toy cars. The interior is light and spacious, thanks to the large glass windows.Thank goodness we visited on our second day in Bangkok because I heard the area where the cafe is located was later flooded.

The best way I can describe the menu offerings is a fusion of Japanese, Italian and American. I was eyeing off the desserts so decided to go for a toasted sandwich with some tempura-type chips. Pretty standard fare really. But the desserts – well, I had crepes with banana and caramel sauce. Sensational.

The service was pretty bad though. They took ages to bring out the food and there was hardly anyone at the cafe (I think due to the threatening floods). This is offset by the ambiance of the cafe though. Next time I’m in Bangkok, I plan to go back and this time take note of the names of dishes and the price. I also plan to visit the other two cafes Marc recommended: Spring & Summer; and Audrey Cafe & Bistro. I was disappointed about not getting to Audrey’s – thanks to Bangkok’s floods. But hey – great excuse for another visit to Bangkok.

Lalida and I enjoyed our time at Vanilla Cafe.