Zeph and Zsa Zsa have an outdoor kennel, which they often like to spend time in. But when we go out for a few hours, we take them with us. Zeph isn’t that keen on getting into the car – we’re not sure why – but once he’s in, he makes himself comfortable and nods off.

Zsa Zsa on the other hand, well she is one clever pup. She hears the car keys and she runs to get her pink lead. She takes the lead in her mouth and runs to the car door. She just loves the car and travelling around. She prefers to stare out the window as we’re driving but she also goes to sleep and we often find her draped over poor old Zeph.

They have rugs and cushions in the back seat, so it’s like a travelling kennel – complete with Zsa Zsa’s toys 🙂

They like to snuggle up together. They are the very best of friends (despite a few puppy brawls every now and then).

ZZ adores going anywhere in the car, even if the car is just standing still!


ZZ often drapes herself across Zeph, who is the quite the gentleman and doesn't move or complain.

Zeph tolerates travelling in the car.

I'm such a happy girl being in the car.