I went over the other day to meet Tilly and Lily – two foals who belong to a Kiwi friend. Lily is a little shy but Tilly, well she just gets in your face and is the cutest wee thing. Her hair is soft, like possum fur, and the tail hair is all crinkly. Tilly hasn’t quite figured out yet that a human is not the same as another horse. She wanted to play but you have to watch out for the hooves because foals can kick when they play.

Tilly was curious and obviously is very comfortable with humans touching her. I’m so hoping that Karma’s foal turns out to be equally as cute and that Karma lets me near the foal. That’s the thing with mares and their foals. The mare might be good-natured whilst in-foal but, the moment the foal is born, turns into a horse monster. Karma has been very placid during her pregnancy, so let’s just hope this doesn’t change!