I don’t get out much. Well, I mean eating out. Even when I lived in Sydney, I tended to stay home rather than eat out. But…..I did often go to The Kazbah in Balmain. My mate (who just had the baby) and I used to go there sometimes on Saturday morning, after an hour or so walk with her two dogs (aka The Boys: Max and Tyler). We used to be able to sit for ages after breakfast, have another coffee and even scoff The Bombe (a Bombe Alaska look-a-like filled with turkish delight ice cream, blueberries and set alight with vodka). But apparently now, if you go on the weekends, you have to clear out within one hour due to the popularity of this fabulous eating establishment.

I never really vary in my selection. I always have the Breakfast Tagine of lamb mince, sucuk, spinach, roast capsicum, roast tomato, caramelised onion, feta and eggs – served with Turkish toast and Lebanese bread. The tagine is for two people and, during my recent quick trip across The Ditch, I shared it with Fritz. The breakfast tagine is AU$19.50 per person.

Usually I start off with a cappuccino but decided to have Moroccan mint tea ($4.50). You always get a large jug of cool water gently flavoured with mint leaves. Given that this was my mate’s last breakfast before The Event (aka having her baby), she decided to order her favourite breakfast of chackchouka scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and turkish toast ($18.00) – although she had to ditch the salmon due to being pregnant.

We went to The Kazbah on a Tuesday morning and it was a welcome change from the usual busy weekend flurry. Only a few people were there along with us and we had a 50% discount voucher. Bonus! The restaurant itself has a Moroccan vibe going on and has large open windows so you can watch people pass by as they shop in Balmain.

The food is positively scrumptious. All the times I’ve been there, I’ve never had a dud meal. Frankly, the breakfast tagine itself is a work of art.

After scoffing a fab breakfast, we hit Haberfield and Pasticceria Papa. I wanted to get some cannolis as I’m still living my Italian adventure. Pasticceria Papa has the most amazing Italian pastries and cakes. Even on a Tuesday, there was a line of people waiting to be served. We then meandered a few shops down the hill to Pasticceria Sulfaro. Fritz loves the Italian biscuits there and I wanted to see if I could get one of those jambella delights I became addicted to in Rome. It’s a large doughnut dusted with sugar. Sadly, the one I had, which was filled with ricotta, wasn’t anywhere near as delectable as the ones I had in Rome and was also way too large. I should have selected the jam-filled doughnuts. Oh well: next time when I’m in Sydney.

Breakfast tagine.

Chackchouka scrambled eggs.

Cappuccino and jambella.