I went to Sydney last week for five days and, on the way back home, I tried my best to avoid Duty Free. I did manage to avoid The Brands – perfumes by designers, makeup and skincare by major cosmetic houses and so on. But I couldn’t avoid the Godiva chocolate shop. It called to me like a siren calling to unwary sailors.

I decided to merely browse the chocolates on display, nestled in their silver and gold boxes. I was pretty confident I could avoid temptation. Yep, that worked, NOT.

I discovered Godiva when I was in the United States in the late 1990s (sounds sooooooooo long ago!) – in Boston actually. That’s when I was told that Godiva, which I thought was American, was founded in 1926 in Belgium. At that stage, we didn’t have Godiva in Australia. I remember going berserk and buying many of the small, elegant gold boxes that Godiva is renowned for.

On this occasion, I did have an excuse dear reader. I had AU$40.00 left and I spotted a gorgeous, smallish box of 14 chocolates with the cute horse carrying Lady Godiva. What else could I do but purchase the box and hope that hubs would scoff more chocolates than me. There is quite frankly nothing better in this world than luxurious, quality chocolates.

Back in New Zealand that night, we scoffed the entire box. I went straight for the white chocolates and hubs snatched the dark chocolates. We then had a stand-off when it came to the milk chocolates but I can report no unseemly disputes. We negotiated.

I think I spotted Godiva chocolates in the newly reopened Ballantynes in Christchurch. I might go and see – after all Christmas is just around the corner and I need to buy myself a Chrissy present 🙂