Horses are amazingly intelligent animals. Before owning horses, I never would have said this. I wouldn’t have said they are dumb animals, I just wouldn’t have thought they were super smart. Then again, perhaps I have the world’s most intelligent horses. Particularly Rosie. Rosie is always watching; forever curious. I often look out the kitchen window to see her staring in. The race the horses go around passes the kitchen area and Rosie often stops ambling along the track so she can peek in.

Last week, I took Rosie around the block and, just as we reached our property on the return journey, she looked up towards the house and neighed. She clearly could smell familiarity or maybe she heard the other horses, although I didn’t hear them call out. I reckon she’s the Einstein of the horse world.

Now, she’s roped Karma and Muff into the let’s gaze into the human kitchen routine. I often look up and see them – the three amigos.

L-R: Muff, Rosie and Karma.