I do love the novel use of the English language by the Chinese. True to say that the products coming out of China are getting better. Things don’t fall apart quite as fast as they used to. Still, I try to avoid buying anything Made in China simply because I prefer to support the country I live in – New Zealand – and because I’m concerned about abusive child labour in China.

I’ve been looking for one of those ultrasonic jewellery cleaners. The ones where you chuck your jewellery in a basket immersed in water and watch the ultrasonic waves literally blast dirt from your precious gems. You see tiny bubbles in the water. These cling to the dirt and then collapse as they move to the surface. That’s about as much as I know but I can tell you that these ultrasonic beauties really work.

I was checking one out in Christchurch recently and I had to chuckle at the Chinglesh on the box. Note to Chinese manufacturers – you might want to hire a native English-speaker as an editor. I’m available.

There were some real clangers on the box with my personal favourites being:

  • clearly see the dirts get rid of the articles;
  • the usual cleaning circle only needs 3 minutes.

The cleaning CYCLE might only take 3 minutes but I’m still perplexed by the thought of the dirts getting rid of the articles. At least they didn’t totally screw things up and add annoying and unnecessary apostrophes after CDs, VCDs and DVDs.