Mabel’s kids are one week old now and doing very well. Who knew that tiny baby goats could be soooooooo lively – springing up and down, running all over the place, inquisitively sniffing here, there and everywhere.

Zeph has been totally intrigued by this whole goat business but is a little scared of Mabel. After all, Mabel has head-butted him at least twice as he attempted to sniff the baby goats. I’m sure that Zeph and Zsa Zsa think the kids are play toys. They approach gently and lean forward to sniff – but Mabel usually rushes forward to protect her babies.

But today, we saw the second born kid, Latte, move boldly forward towards Zeph and Mabel stood quietly and watched as they touched noses. Too cute! Latte was the baby we were worried about because she didn’t seem to be drinking much and was a little thinner than Cocoa and Rupert. Over the last few days though, she has perked up and is drinking from mum every chance she gets. Cocoa has turned out to be the quietest and shyest of the three kids.

Mabel has always liked Zeph and Zsa Zsa but obviously she is being very protective of her babies. We want all of them to get along though so we’re happy to see that the touching of noses has occurred and Mabel seems more relaxed. Zsa Zsa, however, sees Mabel as some scary object and tends to run away but she too is getting bolder.

I’ve been in touch with a wonderful woman who breeds goats and she gave me some great advice on how to care for Mabel now that she’s a mum.

Latte boldly goes where no baby goat has gone before - to sniff Zeph, up close and personal.

Nearly, nearly....

Zeph wonders if Cocoa is a baby goat or a new play toy.

Zsa Zsa's not to sure about being surrounded by baby goats!